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Please note that we at Power Edge Hawaii do not advocate the use of airsoft guns for anything other than its intended purpose of enjoyment. Airsoft is a game / sport for adults, and people of a sensible disposition. This site deals with the sale of Airsoft Toy-Guns, NOT Real Firearms. All of our Airsoft Guns come with an Orange Colored Safety Tip in accordance with Federal Law.

Although we at Power Edge Hawaii cannot prevent minors from viewing our site; we recommend parental or guardian supervison for viewers of our site under the age of 18. We will not be held liable from any claim or demand, including attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Site or any related services.

Please Note: Honolulu City and County Ordinance 03-24 states that replica guns must be in a carrying case or covered when in view of the public. Power Edge Hawaii will not service any gun that is brought into our store uncovered. This includes Players for our CQB Arena. All guns must be in a case or bag when brought into our store or it will not be serviced.

All C.Q.B. Players under the age of 18 MUST have either Players' Card or Liability Waiver signed by Parent or Guardian (Friends cannot sign for each other) in order to play in the
C.Q.B. arena.

Click here to download our CQB arena liability waiver


Please note that although we are known as Power Edge Inc. our E-Commerce website known as Power Edge U.S.A. is not directly affiliated with us Power Edge Hawaii which is the retail storefront.


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