Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Review
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The 2 small dots on the frame indicate the area that needs to be punched out.

Reviewed By Hakaida


At first glance, the Hi Capa looks like any other Para Ordinance "Clone". The Government model base with the high capacity frame makes it a favorite in the airsoft community. The gun comes complete with 31 rd magazine, removable mounting rail, cleaning/un jamming rod, and frame punch. The metal parts include the ambi and grip safeties, the slide stop, guide rod, sights, and the polished chrome hammer. The rear sight is a "Bo-mar like" adjustable sight. Breakdown is exactly like the "real steel" gun which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Players will find the Hi Capa easy to shoot and maintain. Due to the plastic frame, I recommend only using HFC134 which is what the gun was designed for. There are several after-market metal slides available already, as well as "high-flow" magazine valves and spring kits. The hop up is adjustable, but like all other Marui gas guns, the slide needs to be removed from the rest of the gun. Once this is done, the assembly looks like all the other Marui guns with the easy hop up adjustment wheel in the middle of the slide. Something that may concern some players is the magazine. Before the gun was released, we were all wondering if the mag will be like the Marui SOCOM with the "relief valve" in the base or the more traditional type like the Marui M9's and the Glock 26 Advance. Well, without complete disassembly of the magazine, it looks like there is no valve on it, so it should be safe for extended use of Green gas. WE ARE NOT SAYING THAT THE GUN WILL TAKE THE CONSTANT ABUSE OF GREEN GAS! As stated above, the plastic body was designed for HFC 134 which operates at a lower pressure. If you want to use green gas, I STRONGLY suggest that you change to a metal slide for extended durability.

Just a quick note, the mounting rail doesn't just "bolt on". they were nice enough to counter sink and "partially" drill the area that you need to punch through, making it much easier. They even provided the right size rod for you to use as a punch. All the mounting hardware is provided for you once you've punched out the holes.


Ahh, the fun part.

The Hi Capa shoots with reasonable accuracy and velocity. With HFC134 we were able to get moderate velocities of about 250 fps with KSC .2 gm bb's. Rate of fire is extremely quick and double taps are easy due to the light recoil. With Green gas, the velocity makes a HUGE jump to 320 fps and of course, the gun kicks a lot harder, but feels great! Within 20 feet, I was able to get consistent 2.5 inch groups. Going back another 10 feet, I got about 3.5 - 4 inch groups.

Playing with the Hi Capa was pretty interesting. I haven't played with an all plastic gun in a while and I had a great time with the "lighter" recoil of the HFC134 gas. As I said earlier, double tapping was fairly easy and with the occasional need to "dump" ammo, the "capa" stepped up to the challenge. The 31 shot magazine are cheap and provide more than enough ammo for coverfire and also keeps it competitive with other high capacity handguns.


Well, the Hi Capa 5.1 was highly anticipated and was well received when it did arrive. The action is smooth and the accuracy is decent. Players will like the fact that the hop up system is the same as the other Marui gas guns and easy to use. Another good thing is the fact that there are already a lot of upgrades available for it.

Compared to other "Para Clones", the Hi Capa 5.1 is an excellent gun for you to add to your Airsoft Arsenal.

Till next time, play safe and be responsible.

Added 8/18/04:

After further testing and customer feedback, we have noticed a definite problem with the Hi Capa when using Green Gas. Please remember that this gun was built for HFC 134. The guns valve system is very much like the Western Arms blowback system. However, for some reason the main O-ring won't stay in place when using green gas. On HFC 134 the O-ring stays in place and the gun functions great. We have tried changing the O-ring, but this seems to be a temporary fix. I'll add more after a little more experimenting.



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