KJ Works Para P14 Review
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Reviewed By Hakaida


For those of you that don't know who KJ or Kuan Ju is, they make "knock offs" or imitations of other companies guns. They are most famous for the M9 copies of the Tokyo Marui Tactical and the G27 which is a copy of the Marui Glock 26. Both are reliable and inexpensive.

The Para Ordinance P14 is one of more popular guns from the Western Arms gun company of Japan. An almost exact replica of the popular but relatively expensive Western Arms gun, the KJ version is an inexpensive alternative at only $125.00. It comes in a black hard plastic case with 1 magazine, loading tools, and an instruction sheet.

At first glance both versions are identical. Magazine capacity for both versions are identical at 25 shots each. Both come with black molded plastic grips (which are replaceable if you can find aftermarket "real steel" grips). The Para's also come with replaceable sights.

Closer examination shows the differences. First and most obvious is the plastic front sight and the chromed metal recoil spring guide rod on the KJ. The plastic slide on the KJ feels a bit lighter than the one on the WA version, but seems to take the abuse of Green Gas pretty well. The sights on the WA version also seem to be closer to the "real steel" version, but the KJ has the three little white dots. While both disassemble the same way, the parts are not always interchangeable.


To answer the "Million dollar question", No, the magazines are not interchangeable. Many people have asked, hoping and praying, if the magazines are interchangeable. The WA version's cost anywhere from $75.00 for the standard to $95.00 for the hi-cap. While we have yet to receive spare magazines for the KJ version, I expect them to be around $35.00 - $55.00 each. So, you can see why that is a popular question. They look exactly alike, right down to the little sliding piece on the back of the magazine (the KJ version is only for show and does not move).

When used in the KJ version, the WA mag does not allow the slide to cycle. The KJ magazine will often cause the WA gun to go full-auto. Again, similar, yet different.


Using a chronograph, Excel .2 gram bbs, and green gas, I was able to get some pretty good readings from KJ. The first shot came out at 320 f.p.s. and the last was down at 250. This is roughly the same as the WA version.

At about 20 feet, I was able to get a 2.5 inch group with 15 shots (for those of you familiar with the paper targets that we use in the store, I was able to get it all in the black). Some of the other shooters in the store might be able to get better results.

The recoil is pretty crisp, much like a high quality gas gun, and the grip is pretty comfortable to shoot with and as with most 1911 type guns it's fairly easy to control while rapid firing.


The Kuan Ju Para P14 is a pretty good replica of the Western Arms version. For the price, it packs a pretty good punch and is fairly accurate. How will it handle over prolonged use? I can't say. I will say that for $125.00, it's a good deal for those players that want a P14 but don't want to pay the price for the Western Arms version. As a sidearm it would be more than adequate. As a primary weapon, it shoots straight enough and hard enough to stand toe to toe with any of other gas guns out there.

Till next month, play safe and be responsible.


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