KWA/KSC USP Compact Review
(metal slide version)
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Reviewed By Hakaida


The KSC/KWA USP Compact first appeared on the US market in the Fall of '03. As with all other "Japanese" guns it came fitted with a plastic slide. Most of us "loyal" green gas users waited for a metal slide version so that we could use our regular playing gas and not have to buy different can just for one gun. It finally appeared earlier this year. After test firing the gun, I have different feelings about this version of the gun.

Unfortunately, you can't use green gas without a small modification to the blowback system. Once this is done the compact will take both green gas and HFC134 and function just fine with both. We do offer this mod for free when you buy your USP compact from our retail store. However, as expected, the gun will shoot slower, both in velocity and rate of fire, on 134.

I am impressed with how good the gun feels when you hold it. Because of it's small size, it does "point" easily making it good for quick snap shots. The overall size of the pistol limits the length of the barrel, making it more of a sidearm for open field than a main weapon. But, in our C.Q.B. Arena, it offers another good alternative to the more common, but still excellent, Glocks, SV's, and M9s.

Also impressive, and this has been available on both the metal and plastic versions, is how good the safety/de-cocker works. By pressing down on the lever, you de cock the hammer. By pushing up, you set the safety, which works both cocked and un-cocked.

The sights are non-adjustable combat style sights w/ 3 big bright white dots for easy sighting during a game. The magazine release is a lever type rather than a push button and is at the back of the trigger guard, just like the full size USP and the SOCOM (which the USP is a cousin of). I found the magazine release to be much better on this version than on the Marui SOCOM which has a problem with dropping mags because of size of the lever. I did notice that on a few Compacts the magazine did have a problem seating properly. The slide had to be locked back for the mag to fit properly. This is a minor problem since you would have to pull back the slide to chamber a bb or you'd be changing out an empty mag anyway.

Disassembly is similar to the 1911 type guns, maybe even easier. Just line up the pivot point on the slide release with the notch on the slide and push it out. Once this is done it's like any other handgun from there. The blowback chamber takes some work to get out. There is a notch on the side of the slide that allows you to use a small screwdriver to pry it out.



I tested the USP with Excel .2 bb's, and both HFC 134 and Green Gas. On 134 the chrono readings were low. The first shot came out at 245 fps and quickly dropped after the first 3 shots. On Green it was better with the first three shots at 270 fps. These readings are not unlike KSC/KWA's other gas guns like the P2340 and the M945, but it is slightly slower than the Glock 19. I did notice that there was a significant drop in velocity after the first 3 shots regardless of 134 or Green. We also tested the usp with the Hurricane high flow valve which fits most KSC/KWA GUNS. THE hurrican high flow valve increased the velocity slightly to 285 fps for increased power and blowback.

Accuracy is decent with the Compact and is comparable to many other small compact sidearms. I was able to get 10 shots into a 3 inch group from 25 ft. This is GOOD considering the Glock's grouping was only slightly tighter at 2.5 inches. Rate of fire with Green was just slightly slower than the Glock, but good enough to dump a full magazine in a few seconds.

Field Play:

Several members of the Power Edge Hawaii Staff eagerly agreed to field test the Metal slide version in our C.Q.B. Arena. Mixed reviews followed. Most common is the comment that the gun is excellent for snap shooting. At times this made up for the slight lack in accuracy since we would be shooting at a man size target rather than a small paper target. The compact did get criticized for it's lack of power, but that did give way to raves about how much fun it was to play "low velocity" games.The bad thing we found was that it felt really "under powered" against the full size guns like the Western Arms SV's or a modified Glock 19. But I did feel that it "forced" me to play better against those guns. Made for a good practice session.

An interesting comment that came up was that it would be a good gun to take into Airsoft Hawaii's games at Ultrazone since it shot under 300 fps even on green.


Well, from testing to field testing the one main point that kept coming up was how good the gun felt. No matter who was playing with it that comment was universal. Accuracy and power are decent enough for indoor play. Not quite something I would take to an outdoor field and expect to use it as a primary weapon. Definitely a good sidearm.

For someone looking for a full time game gun, it'll take the beating, just remember to get a little closer than you'd normally want to. For the person that just wants to add a "cool something" to their collection, this will be an awesome addition.

Till next month, play safe and be responsible.



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